The holiday season is just around the corner which means the countdown is on to get all our gifts in order. A thoughtfully-picked present is the key to making someone’s Christmas morning extra special, but it can be difficult to find something for everyone.

For any budding bakers or cooking enthusiasts, quality bakeware and cookware is a must. But if you don’t know your tongs from your turners, don’t worry: we’re here to help. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite gifts for chefs, aspiring chefs, or anyone who loves good food, so you can find something new to add to their kitchen. Here’s our selection of the best cooking gifts to impress any foodie.

1. MasterClass Large 5 Litre Casserole Dish with Lid in Ombre Grey

MasterClass Large 5 Litre Casserole Dish with Lid in Ombre Grey

RRP:  £65.49

Cast aluminium makes this casserole dish ultra-lightweight so you can whip up your casseroles in any way you wish: sear your ingredients on the stove (gas, electric, or induction — this pot isn’t fussy) and finish it off in the oven! This impressive dish makes a great gift for new homes or anyone looking for their first piece of premium cookware — and the chic ombre grey colour makes it a stylish addition that anyone will want to display proudly.

2. KitchenCraft World of Flavours Italian Deluxe Double Cutter Pasta Machine

KitchenCraft World of Flavours Italian Deluxe Double Cutter Pasta Machine

RRP: £40.99

Homemade doesn’t have to be hard, and especially not with this stainless steel pasta maker. The best thing is that it’s been revamped based on customer feedback; it now features an ultra-smooth roller mechanism and adjustable chrome-plated rollers so users can achieve their desired pasta consistency with ease. It’s pretty much foolproof, making it ideal for pasta-lovers who want to try their hand at making it for the first time.

3. KitchenCraft Deluxe Fondue Set


KitchenCraft Deluxe Fondue Set

RRP:  £47.49

A dinner party isn’t just about great-tasting food: it’s about standout entertainment too. This deluxe fondue set ticks both of those boxes. It includes everything you might need for a delicious evening of cheese or chocolate dipping, like bowls, an adjustable burner, a metal stand, and six colour-coded forks. It’s a guaranteed way to keep the conversation flowing as freely as the cheese!.

4. MasterClass Gourmet Prep & Serve Marble & Wood Rectangular Serving Board


MasterClass Gourmet Prep & Serve Marble & Wood Rectangular Serving Board

RRP:  £35.99

This elegant white marble and mango wooden serving board takes the effort out of exquisite presentation. Perfect for hosts who love to entertain, this board offers plenty of space to show off hors d'oeuvres and canapés, or charcuterie and antipasti. Marble makes it a sturdy piece of serveware that keeps cheeses and deli meats nicely cool.

5. Artesà Mini Tabletop Pizza Oven 

Artesà Mini Tabletop Pizza Oven

RRP: £53.49

Take table-side service to new levels with this mini table-top pizza oven. The terracotta top is inspired by authentic Italian pizza ovens — and it works like one too! For cooks who want to pull out all the stops to impress their guests, this pizza oven lets you create entrée-sized flatbreads and pizzas from scratch in just fifteen minutes!


6. Living Nostalgia Vintage Blue Three Tier Cake Tin Set

Living Nostalgia Vintage Blue Three Tier Cake Tin Set

RRP: £41.99

For those who love to bake, this retro-inspired cake tin has ample space to keep cakes, brownies, pastries, and more, fresher for longer. Its airtight, tiered design means that each layer stacks on top of each other to save on space and keep workspaces tidy. 

7. MasterClass Quarry Granite Mortar and Pestle

MasterClass Quarry Granite Mortar and Pestle

RRP:  £53.49

This luxury granite mortar and pestle helps to get the most out of fresh ingredients. Its coarse interior and large pestle grinds up herbs and spices in seconds, and the contrasting exterior looks impressive on any countertop. Made from robust granite that’s prized by professional chefs for its natural strength, this tool is a great addition to any budding cook’s arsenal to achieve restaurant-quality results. 


8. Chef'n Nut Milk Maker

Chef'n Nut Milk Maker

RRP: £21.99

Vegans and dairy-free cooks will love this innovative nut milk maker. Gone are the days of needing multiple pieces of equipment to create delicious almond or cashew milk; this ingenious gadget conveniently does it all. Simply soak your nut of choice, blend, and strain. Once you’re finished, you can also use this device to store your milk in the fridge for up to five days.

Give the gift of good food this holiday season

From kitchen essentials to cooking gadgets that make life that little bit easier, there’s something for everyone on our list of the best cooking and foodie gifts for Christmas.

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