Capturing the essence of authentic international cooking, World of Flavours celebrates the popularity and diversity of experiencing new found flavours the world over.

Designed to invigorate recipe collections and musings of wonderfully relaxing sunkissed holidays, World of Flavours cultivates new skills in the kitchen and food presentation.

Let’s take you on a taste journey around the world.

As the world’s most popular cuisine, Italian cooking has something for everyone. Our World of Flavours Italian collection allows the true taste and joy of Italian cooking to shine through, maintaining the quick and simple side to this charming cuisine. Serve not just pasta but heavenly homemade pasta using our Pasta Machines, perfect pizzas crisped to perfection on our Pizza Stone and amazing starters served on our Antipasti Board.  Featuring wonderfully authentic materials such as olive wood, the range recreates the Italian kitchen in every way.

Staying in Europe, bring sunshine to your kitchen and cooking with our Mediterranean range. We celebrate the variety of Mediterranean cuisine; from relaxed Spanish tapas to sophisticated Greek fish platters and succulent Moroccan tagines to French fromage et vin, all of which ooze that extra touch of sun ripened indulgence. With a balance of items for cooking and also serving, it captures the delights of the Mediterranean lifestyle, evoking memories of eating al fresco in the warmth of the sun.

Indian food is always a winner when chilling out with friends. In fact the UK alone spends over £250 million a year on Indian food. The next time you fancy a curry with friends, make it an impressive affair, even if it is just a takeaway. Start as you mean to go on with the relish and poppadums, all looking delicious in our Ceramic Chutney Serving Set before you move on to the main event presently wonderfully fluffy chapati on our beautifully engraved wooden chapati board with traditional rolling pin. Of course there’s also the essentials; stainless steel balti dishes in individual and serving sizes to polish it off.

Moving further east, a fusion of flavours from the Asia-Pacific await. Thai, Malay, Japanese and of course Chinese are all on the menu with our Oriental collection. Woks, chopsticks, cleavers, sushi makers, bamboo steamers and even dim sum papers are all kitchen essentials, whilst the serving is just as important with a delightful selection of porcelain serving sets, great as gifts but also for creating a truly authentic atmosphere whatever the occasion.

Round to the Americans now and following a wave of Mexican food favourites, this colourful cuisine is now firmly established on menus worldwide. From deliciously crunchy nachos and dips to the fresh flavour of chicken enchiladas through to feisty fajitas and tantalising tacos, this collection will have Mexican foodie fans in raptures. It’s sure to be hot, hot, hot!!!

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