11 oz. bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 
3 tbsps. heavy or whipping cream
2 tbsps. cognac
1 tbsp. preserved ginger syrup
4 pieces of preserved ginger, finely chopped


To get a really shiny finish on the chocolates, gently polish the inside of the moulds before you start.

Melt about two-thirds of the chocolate in a melting pan over hot water, then pour a little into each mould, reserving some of the melted chocolate for sealing the chocolates.

Use a small decorating brush to paint the chocolate up the sides of the moulds to coat them evenly, then tip the mould over onto a sheet of wax paper to let the excess drip down the sides and let set.

Melt the remaining chocolate, then stir in the cream, cognac, ginger syrup and chopped ginger, combining well. Spoon the mix into the chocolate-lined moulds and give a gentle shake. Warm the reserved plain chocolate if necessary, then spoon a little into each mould to make a seal. Leave in a cool place to set but don not put in the fridge as this will remove some of the shine.

To remove the chocolates from the moulds, gently press them out onto a cool surface.

Products used

Sweetly Does It Chocolate Hearts Silicone Mould
Sweetly Does It Stainless Steel Chocolate Melting Pot
Sweetly Does It Pack of 5
Sugarcraft Decorating Brushes
Master Class Gourmet Prep & Serve Two Tone Marble Paddle Board
Chop & Slice Set
Master Class Deluxe Stainless Steel 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set
Silicone Mini Scraper