We believe baking is much more than eating, we believe it brings people together. Whether it’s a celebratory meal or coming home to the smell of freshly made pie reminiscent of childhood, baking is all about the people you share it with.

With years of baking experience, we know Paul Hollywood shares our feelings.  Together we have created a range of bakeware that makes baking easy for everyone, fun and perfect for every day. Paul has designed and tested every item from the very beginning. 


With experience as head baker at some of the most exclusive hotels, including The Dorchester and having travelled extensively, Paul applies the lessons learned far and wide to his everyday baking. He has a unique edge and has gained a reputation as an innovator and one of the country’s finest artisan bakers.

“Baking is so popular now with people of all ages and abilities giving it a go at home. Whether its cakes, bread, pies or puddings, my range is designed to give everyone the best possible support for their baking – no matter what they’re making.”

The range therefore includes high performance bakeware in all the key shapes and sizes, a dual read oven thermometer with temperatures zones for bread, enriched dough, meringue and pastry, a rolling pin with metric and imperial measurement marks, proving baskets, dough stamps and cutters, a cooling rack, mixing bowl, pie funnel, scales, measuring cups and spoons, enamel pie dishes and more.

Paul is excited to get people from all backgrounds and baking abilities baking real food and we are fully on board. We wanted to create more than just a range of premium bakeware.

We will be using #hollywoodbakes on all social media channels so you can keep up to date with all the latest products and share ideas, tips and knowledge with one another.


Check out the full range here!