This year we are celebrating our 165th anniversary and to mark this momentous occasion we thought it only right to share with you our story that we are so proud of.

1850 – Thomas Plant established his business of manufacturing Ironmongery and Household products in Birmingham. Thomas sported a strong moustache at this time, reflecting his strong business sense. 

1870 – As the country reaped the benefits of the industrial revolution, Thomas took the opportunity to expand the business from manufacturing to wholesaling, throughout these changes.

1939 – As the Second World War ruined homes, businesses and lives, Thomas Plant survived the elements and took over Frederick Hill. Thomas Plant was now run by Hugo Plant. Hugo continued, as his farther did, to build trust and loyalty with customers.

1960 – Hugo and his son John expanded the business once again and began importing hardware goods such as locks, pad locks and hardware tools.

1985 – John made the decision to move the business in a new direction, he decided to specialise in just Kitchenware. A vital decision which would lead to the business survival. Although the customer base altered the core values of the business remained the same.

1995 – John sons, Andrew and Richard along with his nephew Peter Bushall took over. They decided the company needed a consumer brand name, so Kitchen Craft was born.

2004 – With the business growing at a rapid pace, Kitchen Craft moved its premises to Valepits Road, Garretts Green, a site which offers 48,000 sq ft. This is where we still reside today.

2007 – The business is growing rapidly and starts to introduce hugely successful UK designed kitchen and homeware collections, where items co-ordinate and theme a living space.

2014 – Recently, Kitchen Craft has been acquired by Lifetime Brands, inc. a leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware, home décor and lifestyle products, bringing further investment and resources to the business.

Today – Our extensive brand new showroom which opened at the end of January, covering 180m₂is a wonderful showcase of all new and existing brands and collections that we have put our heart and soul in to.

The moustache that our founder, Thomas proudly sported is now becoming, once again popular and we see this in parallel to our business ethics, strong and loyal, this is what we have prided ourselves on for 165 years and therefore we take "Tommy’s Tache" as the symbol of our celebrations and we hope you will join us in making wonderful memories throughout this momentous year.