Here at KC we love tennis! For us, it's two weeks of sport, strawberries and cream, Pimms and lemonade, picnics and parties! All of our favourite things!

For those newcomers to Tennis, here are the basic rules:

Each player has a maximum of one bounce after it has been hit by their opponent to return the ball over the net and within the boundaries of the court.

Once a player fails to do any of these three things, her opponent wins a point.

The aim is to win enough points to win a game and enough games to win a set and enough sets to win a match.

The first person to win six games wins a set.

Matches are usually the best of three or the best of five sets.

Now you know the rules, you need these match perfect recipes to compliment your watching!

There is nothing better and more Wimbledon than strawberries! Check out our salad recipe here!

How about something light and lemony for dessert? Lemon cheesecake is perfect! 

Keep cool throughout the afternoon with these Strawberry and Prosecco Lollies! 

If you are planning a party or gathering, we have everything you need here! Check out our Wimbledon occasion!

Let us help you Serve in style! with these lightweight and unbreakable melamine boards!