Experience tantalising flavours kissed by the Mediterranean sun. It will make your kitchen and cooking ooze with that extra touch of sun ripened indulgence!

With influences from Europe, Asia and Africa, the Mediterranean is rich in culture and of course food history! Over the years each nation has contributed something exceptional to the vibrant medley that is Mediterranean cuisine.

Our new range of cookware celebrates this diverse fare, from relaxed Spanish tapas to sophisticated Greek serving bowls and succulent Moroccan tagines to French fromage et vin. It’s sure to capture the delights of the Mediterranean lifestyle, evoking memories and promises of the most enjoyable times.

Delicious fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance thanks to the Mediterranean climate. The warm and sunny environment produces crops that heavily influence the cuisines of the regions, especially olives. This is the most commonly used ingredient in Mediterranean cooking, whether used as olive oil in cooking or as a dressing, or olives themselves which add a lovely texture and punchy taste to dishes.  Let your guests experience the taste of the Mediterranean with our Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Set and Ceramic Olive Bowl.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, courgettes, aubergines and cucumbers also take centre stage in dishes and often appear baked, roasted, sautéed, grilled or simply served fresh in salads. Meat is normally used sparingly but the Mediterranean Sea provides easy access to fresh seafood which is used as a main source of protein. Impress your guests by serving your fish dishes or appetisers on our Ceramic Fish Shaped Serving Platter or go all out a try a traditional seafood Paella!

Mediterranean food conjures thoughts of enjoying casual summer evenings with friends and family. But of course it’s not just the wonderful fresh flavours that makes people fall in love with this cuisine. It’s also the health benefits that go hand-in-hand!


The Mediterranean diet

If you want to experience the health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • The majority of your food intake should be fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, pulses and nuts.
  • Replace butter with healthy fats like olive oil.
  • Use herbs and spices to flavour your dishes instead of salt.
  • Reduce the amount of red meat you eat to no more than a few times a month.
  • Eat fish and poultry at least twice a week.
  • Indulge in a little red wine, although this should be in moderation and is of course optional!


So, what are the health benefits?

Scientists have carried out tests to find out what health benefits someone could expect when following a Mediterranean diet and this is what they found…

  • An increase in life expectancy.
  • Reduced chance of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • Eating a balanced diet and regular exercise will reduce your chances of becoming obese.
  • The risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s is also reduced.

Mediterranean food is healthy, nutritious, colourful and exciting so with summer fast approaching why not take a slice of the sun and get outside for some true Mediterranean Al Fresco dinning? If you need some inspiration take a look at how we did it. Click here to see our new World of Flavours Mediterranean range in action! 


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