For the cake:

125g butter

125g caster sugar

2 eggs

125g self-raising flour 

For the compote:

410g peaches in syrup (tinned)

150g fresh raspberries 

75g caster sugar 

For the Italian meringue:

300ml water

300g caster sugar 

1 vanilla pod (optional)

4 egg whites 

Pinch of salt 

12 fresh raspberries 

3 scoops vanilla ice cream 


Preheat the oven to 170°C.

In a bowl, weigh out the butter, sugar and cream then mix until pale and fluffy.

Mix in one egg at a time until fully combined.

Sieve and fold in the flour, being careful not to knock out any air.

Pour into the savarin cake tin and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden. To test if the bake is cooked poke a skewer into the sponge if this comes out clean, the bake is cooked.

Leave the cake to cool whilst you make the other components.

For the compote:

In a pan, add the peaches in syrup, caster sugar and raspberries and boil down until all the sugar has dissolved and the liquid has reduced by half, then leave to cool.

For the meringue:

Add the water, sugar and vanilla pod to a clean pan on medium heat. 

Allow the sugar to dissolve and let the syrup reach 121°C.

In an electric mixer add 4 egg whites and whisk into soft peaks.

Add a small pinch of salt during this process, as it will help stabilise the meringue and whip a little quicker.

Once they have reached soft peaks, slowly and carefully pour in the stock syrup as the egg whites are still being whisked.

After you’ve added all the stock syrup, keep on whisking until the sides of the bowl cool down.

Bring all your components together.

Place the cake on a serving plate, and fill the hole in the centre of the cake with the compote.

With the fresh raspberries, make a ring around the compote, then add the scoops of ice cream on top.

Pipe on the Italian meringue over the ice cream and to the edges of the cake (not down the sides) in whatever pattern you choose.

Finally, caramelise the outside of the meringue with a blowtorch.

Products Used:

MasterClass Deluxe Professional Cook's Blowtorch

MasterClass Soft Grip Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

Maxwell & Williams Caviar High Rim 26.5cm Plate Black

Taylor Pro Stainless Steel Jam Thermometer

MasterClass Large 5 Litre Casserole Dish with Lid - Ombre Grey

MasterClass Lightweight 2.5 Litre Casserole Dish with Lid - Ombre Grey

MasterClass Deluxe Professional Black Single Oven Glove

Taylor Pro Black Glass Digital Dual 5Kg Kitchen Scale

KitchenCraft Tinned 20cm Round Sieve

MasterClass Soft Grip Nylon Cooking Spoon

MasterClass Smart Space Stainless Steel Three Piece Bowl Set with Colander

MasterClass Non-Stick Savarin Cake Pan