20 basic cake balls

1 bag of black candy melts

¼ bag of white candy melts

5oz (150g) black rolled fondant

5oz (150g) orange rolled fondant


40 white candy sequins



Prepare ahead, chill the cake balls in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

To make the cake pops, melt the black candy melts (as per packaging), dip a stick into the melted candy, and push into cake ball. Repeat with all the sticks and cake balls. Let set. Dip each cake pop in the melted candy, tap off the excess, and let dry upright in a Cake Pop stand.

Melt the white candy melts and take a large spoonful. Dip the front of each cake pop into the spoon to make the penguin’s belly. Tap off a little excess, then gently tap the pop the other way round to create a smooth belly. Let dry.

To make the wings, feet, and beaks, roll out the black fondant to approximately 1/8 inch (2.5cm) thick on a surface dusted with cornstarch and cut out 40 large heart shapes for the wings.

Roll out the orange fondant and cut 40 smaller hearts for the feet. Then cut 20 small orange triangles for the beaks – trim the triangles to the correct size using a knife.

To assemble the penguins, use the black melted candy and a toothpick to attach beak, feet and wings. Leave the wings loose at the bottom and push out slightly. Attach white candy sequins for eyes and dot the centres with black melted candy.

Tip – Add a little tragacanth (approximately 2 teaspoons per handful of fondant) to the fondant and mix in well. This will give the fondant a firmer texture, which will help it to hold the desired shape.

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Products used 

Sweetly Does It Pack of 50 Cake Pop Sticks - 15cm

Sweetly Does It Acrylic Cake Pop Stand 

Master Class Set of 2 Dessert Spoons 

Sweetly Does It Medium Non-Stick Rolling Pin 

Sweetly Does It Set of 3 Heart Fondant Plunger Cutters 

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