For many of us, coffee is an absolute pleasure, so chances are that you know at least one coffee-lover in your circle who deserves something special for Christmas.

A quick online search reveals plenty of different coffee tools and devices to choose from, but it can be difficult to know where to start — there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming!

To make things easier, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers to make that first sip of the day even more special. No matter how you enjoy your coffee, there is something for everyone

Our coffee gift ideas include a range of brewing methods to suit French press devotees, drip-filter experts, or coffee pod drinkers, to help you find a present that’s perfectly suited to them.



These espresso glasses are not your ordinary cups; they are meticulously designed for enjoying barista-style espresso and feature easy grip handles for extra comfort. The 110ml espresso glasses come gift-boxed in La Cafetière's packaging.



These two insulated double-walled glasses are meticulously tailored for enjoying Spanish-style cortado coffee and feature a visually attractive.ripple effect. The 135ml cortado glasses come gift-boxed in La Cafetière's packaging too.



Indulge in a wide range of barista-quality coffee experiences with this 3pc set, boasting a subtle almond hue. Whether your cravings lean towards the elegance of a cappuccino or a swift espresso shot, these mugs are your ideal companions. They are also equipped with silicone sleeves that not only give you a comfy grip but also protect your hands from heat.



The Family Mug Set is also available in a vibrant red colour, adding a bold and energetic option to suit different preferences.



Effortlessly elevate your coffee service for guests with the La Cafetière Stainless Steel Latte Art Pen. Craft intricate designs and exquisite details with ease, enhancing your coffee experience with a full barista touch. Made from robust stainless steel, this coffee art pen ensures longevity.



For lovers of freshly-brewed coffee, the bestselling Pisa Cafetiere is a no brainer. This vibrant red coffee maker features a sleek metal frame, a perfectly clear jug, and a smooth, natural beechwood handle. It's an eye-catching blend of the traditional and the contemporary – just like the city that inspired it.



For those who prefer old-school coffee making, this Venice Espresso maker ticks all the boxes. Inspired by those iconic coffee makers that have graced Italian stovetops for decades, you’ll have freshly-brewed coffee quicker than you can say “Ciao Bella”.



From bean to brew in an instant, this Manual Coffee Grinder allows you to enjoy that authentic barista experience from the comfort of your own kitchen. Coffee grounds lose their flavour quickly, so this is perfect for those coffee aficionados who want the freshest-tasting brew each and every time.


Find out the perfect Christmas gift for coffee lovers with La Cafetière.

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