Waffles for every meal? Yes Please!

We admit it, we are totally addicted to waffles and over the past couple of weeks we have tried more waffle recipes than a Belgium waffle house!

Sweet, savory, breakfast, lunch, midnight snack, you name it we have tired it and finally we have whittled it down to our top six. We may never eat anything but waffles again!

Apple waffle

Well this little beauty is just perfect if you are trying to get your five a day in but are still obsessed with waffles! Click here for the recipe

Apple waffle

Smoked salmon waffle

That’s lunch sorted….forevery! Here's the recipe

Salmon Waffle

Banana Waffle

Banana is amazing in any dessert recipe as far as we are concerned but adding a drizzle of toffee sauce to this recipe makes it by far our favourite dessert / midnight snack. Find the recipe here. 

Banana Waffle

Gingerbread waffle

We admit this recipe might be a little on the Christmassy side but it is just too darn tasty not to include. Check out the recipe here. 

Gingerbread waffles

Cheddar BLT waffle

For the ultimate snack attack. Get the recipe here

Cheddar waffle

Egg free waffle

Because we believe that everyone should enjoy some waffley goodness! Find the recipe here. 

Egg free waffle

We hope we have made you fall in love with waffles all over again!