Built Large Lunch Bag with Removable Ice Gel Packs

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About this product

Food, kept fresh and cool, ready for lunchtime. Having a deliciously filling packed lunch to keep you fuelled when you're on-the-go can make all the difference. Stale sandwiches and warm salads: they just don't cut it. But with BUILT's lunch cool bag, you don't have to settle for food that's lost its freshness. Pack it with deli-style sandwiches, juicy fresh fruit to keep you energised during the day, or containers packed with a reminder of comforting home-cooked food. This lunch bag has a powerful polythene lining and includes three ice packs, so it'll keep your lunch nice and cool, wherever you are. You can simply enjoy it just as it was supposed to be: fresh and delicious.


  • BUILT FOR FRESHNESS: with its thermal insulation layer, this bag keeps food cool and fresh
  • BUILT TO BE COOL: it comes with three freezable gel ice packs for extra chill
  • BUILT FOR ANY WEATHER: BUILT cool bags for lunch are made to keep showers at bay. It'll prevent the rain from ruining your lunch
  • BUILT FOR A FILLING LUNCH: it's big enough to hold larger lunch boxes
  • BUILT FOR YOU: it has a food-safe, BPA-free PEVA lining that's easy to wipe clean


  • Colour Black
  • Size 15.000 x 23.000 x 34.000