Built Retro Glass 700ml Lunch Box

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About this product

Help reduce waste on a daily basis with a reusable container that is inspired by rich clay hues, vivid teal and geometric prints to make a statement in your day-to-day life. Making life easier on the go whilst continuing to keep it stylish and oh so retro. Sunday night meal preparation being an increasingly popular trend, cooking and preparing meals for the week to come has never been so easy. Perfect for lunches, leftovers and batch cooking. Take advantage of the 100% airtight locking lid by storing the container sideways, saving space, and carry it to work without the risk of making a mess. A glass square storage container that is made from food safe borosilicate glass and the lid from break-resistant plastic, this lunch box will be a functional yet extremely stylish part to everyday life. Matching items within the range are also available to ensure you look the part whilst at work, school or on the go.


  • BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE: this robust glass food container is perfect for snacking or meal prep
  • BUILT TO STAY FRESH: the airtight, leakproof lid keeps snacks fresh for when lunchtime comes
  • BUILT TO REHEAT AND REUSE: warm up food in the microwave, rinse clean and reuse
  • BUILT FOR PEACE OF MIND: this snack box is PVC and BPA free
  • BUILT IN NYC: features a fresh look, created by New York-based designers. Dishwasher safe


  • Capacity 700ML
  • Colour Clear
  • Material Glass
  • Size 16.500 x 16.500 x 7.500