Chef'n FreshForce™ Can Opener

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About this product

The space-saving can opener. The Chef'n Freshforce manual can opener may fold into a compact shape, but that doesn't stop it opening up the peskiest of cans without a trouble. Place it on the rim of your tins and cans food, and give its grey knob a turn. The stainless steel cutting wheel quickly and neatly cuts away lids, and you won’t feel like you’ve done a session in the gym. When the time comes to store it away, this compact can opener's turning knob folds flat, and its handles simply close to form a neat rectangle, making it a tidy fit for most kitchen drawer organisers. Includes a 5-year guarantee.


  • FRESHFORCE COMPACT CAN OPENER: this powerful everyday gadget takes the trouble out of opening tins
  • SPACE SAVING: the tin opener folds into a compact rectangle that fits neatly in drawers
  • MESS-FREE, HYGIENIC DISPOSAL: a built-in magnet grips lids, while a side tab releases them instantly
  • POWERFUL AND ERGONOMIC: with a sharp stainless steel cutting wheel and chunky, easy-to-grip handles
  • DURABLE CHOICE: Freshforce can openers are durable and reliable, for long-lasting functionality in the kitchen; 5-year guarantee


  • Colour Blue
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 4.699 x 0.807 x 19.05
  • SKU: 102-810-335