Chef'n Frozen Herb Keep & Mill, Herb Mincer and Herb Stripper and Cutter


Worth: £37.47

About this product

Cooking with herbs is always a must and with this set from Chef'n you can mince your herbs easily, freeze them and cut them. The set includes a herb keeper & mill, a mincer, and a stripper cutter. You just can’t beat the flavour of fresh herbs — whether it's fresh coriander for an aromatic curry or parsley for creamy sauces. And now you can enjoy fresh herbs all year round (no gardening required) with the Herbcicle Plus™. This clever herb keeper keeps your herbs fresh and ready to use, never again will you open the fridge and be met with brown, wilted herbs. Simply pack this herb keeper with your favourite fresh herb, twist the top on tightly, and freeze to keep them fresh for ages. It also features a built-in herb mill, so you can grind herbs straight from the fridge (with just 10 minutes’ thawing time). Cutting up herbs has never been easier thanks to this mincer! With its compact design, it's ideal for people who want to make fresh, healthy food while conserving kitchen space. Simply grip the dial and twist to release and retract the blades, which helps keep the tool sharp and your fingers safe. The tool has durable sharp stainless steel blades, ready to mince parsley, mint, basil and other herbs to perfection. The LooseLeaf™ Plus strips leafy greens and herbs such as kale and thyme in seconds. Thanks to its stainless steel shears, it's also rust-resistant and durable for regular use. You can cut fresh herbs and greens from the garden or trim from a bunch.


  • Chef'n Set includes: 1 x Herbicle Plus™ Frozen Herb Keeper and Mill; 1 x HerbZoom™ Herb Mincer; 1 x LooseLeaf™ Plus Greens and Herb Stripper