Chef'n GarlicZoom™ Garlic Chopper


About this product

The iconic GarlicZoom® just got zoomier. Grinding up garlic has never been so fun! Fill this clever gadget with whole cloves of garlic and zoom it across surfaces to chop it up in seconds. The more you roll, the finer the chop, and as whole cloves fit inside, you won’t waste a morsel. This updated take on the Chef’n classic fits more garlic cloves, opens completely for easy access to the good garlicky stuff, and is designed for quick and easy cleaning without having to handle those sharp little blades.


  • UPDATED DESIGN: this new take on the GarlicZoom is roomier, zoomier and easier to clean!
  • THE SUPER-QUICK GARLIC SLICER: simply load with cloves and roll on a flat surface
  • LESS MESS/WASTE: every bit of the clove is chopped, and gets contained neatly inside
  • SIMPLER: this garlic mincer has no hard-to-squeeze handles, and is more compact than a knife/board
  • EASY CLEANING: the new GarlicZoom opens completely for easier filling and cleaning. Dishwasher safe


  • Colour Clear
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 5.512 x 6.502 x 8.509
  • SKU: 102-540-388