Chef'n Herb Keeper & Mill, Blender Scraper, Stripper & Cutter and Storage Set


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About this product

Prep and keep your favourite fruit and veg fresher for longer and clean your smoothie maker with ease with this set from Chef'n. The set includes a herb keeper & mill, blender scraper, stripper & cutter, and herb keeper. You just can’t beat the flavour of fresh herbs, and with the Herbcicle Plus™, you can enjoy them all year round. Whether it's fresh coriander for a spicy curry or parsley for creamy sauces, this clever herb keeper keeps your herbs fresh and ready to use, never again will you open the fridge and be met with sad, wilted herbs. Simply pack this herb keeper with your favourite fresh herb, twist the top on tightly, and freeze to keep them fresh for ages. The herb keeper features a built-in herb mill, so you can grind herbs straight from the fridge (with just 10 minutes’ thawing time). The Blender Switchit spatula scraper makes it easy to get every last drop of smoothie goodness from your blender. Made of flexible silicone, this dual-ended blender spatula bends into all the nooks and crannies a regular spoon wouldn't have a hope of reaching. Use the little notch in the blender scraper's head to scrape away the blended smoothie and juice from your blender's blades. It’s a smart way to not only keep things clean but reduce food waste too! The LooseLeaf™ Plus Greens and Herbs stripper works on everything from kale to thyme — separating the edible leaves from the stalks in seconds. It also features stainless steel shears, so it's rust-resistant and durable for regular use. Keep your herbs fresher for longer with this herb keeper. The HerbFresh storage container will keep your herbs in tip-top condition for up to a week. Simply place your herbs in the silicone tray, fill the container with just enough water to cover the bottom of the herb stems – et voila! Fresh, flavourful herbs, whenever you fancy them.


  • Chef'n Set includes: 1 x Herbicle Plus™ Frozen Herb Keeper and Mill; 1 x Switch It Blender Spatula and Scraper; 1 x LooseLeaf™ Plus Greens and Herb Stripper; 1 x HerbFresh Fresh Herb Storage