Chef'n Herbcicle Plus™ Frozen Herb Keeper and Mill

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About this product

Enjoy fresh herbs all year round – no gardening required – with the Herbcicle Plus™. Whether its fresh coriander for a spicy curry, parsley for creamy sauces or basil for homemade pesto, you just can’t beat the flavour of fresh herbs. Keep yours fresh and ready to use, all year round, with the clever Herbcicle Plus™. Never again will you open the fridge and be met with sad, wilted herbs. Simply pack this herb keeper with your favourite fresh herb, twist the top on tightly, and freeze to keep them fresh for ages. This improved model also includes a built-in herb mill, so you can grind herbs straight from the fridge (with just 10 minutes’ thawing time). Great for pasta, pizzas and countless other recipes.


  • Colour White
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 5.999 x 0.930 x 13.000
  • SKU: 102-914-293-E