Chef'n Large Salad Spinner and Box Mandoline Set


Worth: £82.98

About this product

Prep your salad and vegetables to perfection with this set from Chef'n which includes a salad spinner and box mandoline. Say goodbye to soggy lettuce leaves and hello to crisp and fresh ones with this handy salad spinner. Moving away from clunky rotating handles, this unique design boasts a simple, easy-to-push lever mechanism. Simply pop up the handle and press it down to get going, and within seconds you'll have salad-ready leaves perfect for picnics and summer barbeques! Now you've got your salad perfected, it's time to tackle fruit and veg with the ingenious Pull'n Slice mandoline. Not just any old mandoline, this design has a unique ability that allows you to pull the blade across the ingredient instead of the other way around. Not only making slicing quicker, it's also a lot safer as it means your hands never go near the blade. It includes four blades: a thick slicer, a thin slicer, a julienne and also a waffle blade. We're using it for everything from sweet potato waffles and cucumber ribbons to sliced beetroot for a spin on the classic Dauphinoise!


  • Chef'n Set includes: 1 x SpinCycle™ Large Salad Spinner; 1 x PullnSlice™ Box Mandoline
  • Pull lever mechanism
  • high-quality stainless steel blades