Chef'n Rotary Grater, Herb Mincer and Kale & Green Leaf Stripper Set


Worth: £48.97

About this product

Whether you need to slice, mince or grate, these handy tools from Chef'n are perfect for you! The set includes a grater, herb mincer, and a loose leaf stripper. This squeeze-free, easy-action grater makes grating ingredients easier. With its rotary design, you can turn the geared handle for fast and comfortable grating directly over dishes. It also has a spring-loaded chamber feature, which means you don't have to push to grate. Pop a chunk of your favourite hard or medium cheese into the spring-loaded chamber and turn the handle and watch the cheese sprinkle effortlessly onto your dishes. There’s no squeezing necessary, so it might just be the easiest way to grate, well… anything! Cutting up herbs has never been so fun! Thanks to its compact design and stainless steel blades, the HerbZoom herb mincer is faster and easier than using a knife, so you can prep fresh herbs in seconds. To use? Simply grip the dial and twist to release and retract the blades, which helps keep the tool sharp and your fingers safe. It's the perfect tool for chefs and home cooks who want to use fresh herbs while conserving space in their kitchen. The LooseLeaf Kale and Greens stripper is small in appearance but mighty! It strips leaves from stems in seconds and works on everything from kale to thyme, so those crisp-baked kale chips can be rustled up in no time at all!


  • Chef'n Set includes: 1 x Rotary Grater; 1 x HerbZoom Herb Mincer; 1 x LooseLeaf Kale and Green Leaf Stripper
  • Rotary grater has a geared handle