Chef'n Salad Spinner, Vegetable Steamer, and LooseLeaf Stripper Set


Worth: £55.97

About this product

Prep your vegetables to perfection with this set from Chef'n which includes a salad spinner, vegetable steamer, and loose leaf stripper. Say goodbye to soggy lettuce leaves, and hello to crisp and fresh ones with this handy salad spinner. Moving away from clunky rotating handles, this unique design boasts a simple, easy-to-push lever mechanism. Simply pop up the handle and press it down to get going, and within seconds you'll have salad-ready leaves perfect for picnics and summer barbeques! If you have a saucepan or microwave, congratulations! You now also have a fully-fledged vegetable steamer, thanks to this clever universal vegetable steamer. It features a flexible, adaptable basket that sits on top of most saucepans and bowls, ready to fill with fresh veg and steam. The steamer has long silicone handles that remain cool, allowing you to lift it safely, while the feet and wide base enhance the basket's stability. The unique loose leaf stripper is small in appearance but mighty! It strips leaves from stems in seconds and works on everything from kale to thyme. Use it to prep kale chips in a matter of minutes!


  • Chef'n Set includes: 1 x SpinCycle™ Large Salad Spinner; 1 x VeggieSteam™ Vegetable Steamer; 1 x LooseLeaf™ Kale and Greens Stripper