Chef'n Stalkchop Cauliflower Prep Tool

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About this product

Set florets free faster with this clever cauliflower and broccoli chopper. A powerfully simple cauliflower tool makes wrangling this tough vegetable surprisingly quick and easy. StalkChop safely takes the hard work out of separating florets from stalk so that cauliflower and broccoli can go from vegetable drawer to dinner plate in a flash. This time-saving tool is made of strong, durable plastic that chops through cauliflower and broccoli quickly and easily, while being a whole lot safer than hacking away at them with a knife. It also reduces waste, so you can always make the most of your vegetables.


  • Colour Green
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 2.489 x 0.701 x 17.463
  • SKU: 102-879-270