Chef'n Veggisteam™ Vegetable Steamer

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About this product

Steam up a storm in the kitchen with Veggisteam. If you have a saucepan or microwave, congratulations! You now also have a fully-fledged vegetable steamer, thanks to Veggisteam, the clever universal vegetable steamer from Chef'n. Nice and flexible, this adaptable basket can be sat on top of most saucepans and bowls, ready to be used as a stable shelf for your veg to sit in and steam cook. The stay-cool silicone and long handles make it easy to lift out of hot water safely, while the little feet and wide base ensure it stays nice and stable during the steaming process.


  • Colour Green
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 21.999 x 4.495 x 4.001
  • SKU: 102-732-011-E