Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Four Piece Starter Bakeware Set with Square Cookie Dough Shaper


Worth: £30.98

About this product

Bake all your favourite treats with this set from Chicago Metallic, which includes a four-piece bakeware set and a cookie dough shaper. The bakeware set includes a small baking tray, a mini roasting tin, a roasting rack, and a six-hole cupcake tray. Everything you need to cook and bake! Each piece comes in high-grade carbon steel, so they're durable enough to be used regularly. They're also finished in a PFOA-free non-stick coating, so your bakes don't stick to the pan. With its stackable, space-saving design — the set is ideal for those with small kitchens, first-time movers, or those simply looking for a bakeware upgrade. The compact baking set is reassuringly sturdy and offers excellent baking performance — just like all of Chicago Metallic’s bakeware. Why wrestle with a heavy rolling pin, and deal with hard-to-clean cookie cutters, when this ingenious dough shaper cutter makes it easy to create perfect-shaped cookies every time. Simply place your dough inside, refrigerate, and then slice into beautiful-looking, evenly shaped square cookies. The cookie mould even imprints a cutting guide onto the dough, so every cookie will have the same thickness


  • Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Set includes: 1 x Four Piece Starter Bakeware Set; 1 x Square Cookie Dough Shaper
  • Heavy duty bakeware equipment made from high grade carbon steel
  • The biscuit shaper is dishwasher safe