Colourworks Brights Navy Silicone-Headed Spoon Spatula

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About this product

Mix up some magic in your kitchen, the Colourworks way. It's not a spoon, and it's not a spatula: this utensil's bright design lets it do all the jobs of both tools! Like a cooking spoon, it's ideal for stirring, blending and folding your ingredients to make super smooth mixtures. Or you could use it to scoop up spoonfuls of batters, mixes and sauces. But the most magic lies in its flexible edge. Push it right against the sides of bowls and saucepans to scrape every last drop, so absolutely none goes to waste. It's great for bringing some 'you' to your cooking and baking too. Finished in a vibrant Colourworks tone, this spoon spatula shouts your personality in the kitchen.


  • Colour Navy
  • Material Silicone
  • Size 2.000 x 6.000 x 29.000