Colourworks Brights Set with Conical Measure, Silicone Roll and Fold Funnel and Spoon - Purple


Worth: £22.27

About this product

Transform cooking and baking sessions into a celebration of vibrant colour with this purple set from Colourworks. It includes a conical measure, a roll and fold funnel and a spoon. The conical measure allows you to cook and bake the smart way. This silicone measuring cup is designed for liquid and dry ingredients, limiting the chances of culinary disasters by measuring out your solid and liquid ingredients — ready to go in your favourite recipes. It features a pair of translucent windows, one marked with millilitres (up to 400 ml), and one marked with cups (up to 1 cup). So, you can pour in your flour or sugar to measure for a moist sponge cake. You can measure liquids too, like yoghurt and coconut milk, to make the base for a comforting chicken curry. This roll and fold funnel ticks the box in every way, with no need for multiple funnels. Simply roll this ingenious gadget to fit the opening of almost any bottle, jar, canister or container. Then fold over the top edge to secure it. It's perfect for transferring wet or dry ingredients — no matter how strong or pungent they may be. This kitchen funnel is made of LFGB-grade silicone, which is stain, odour and transfer resistant. The flexible silicone spoon is sure to brighten up your kitchen. Completely safe for use on non-stick surfaces; it is stain and heat resistant to 260°C (500 °F).


  • Colourworks Brights Set includes: 1 x Conical Measure; 1 x Silicone Roll and Fold Funnel; 1 x Spoon - Purple
  • Stain, odour and heat resistant to 260°C
  • The deep plum finish brings colour to your kitchen and shows your personality
  • Dishwasher safe