Colourworks Brights Set with Pizza Cutter, Brush, Peeler, Spatula, Slotted Spoon and Turner - Pink


Worth: £30.95

About this product

The culinary whizz-kids over at Colourworks challenged themselves to transform and rejuvenate your kitchen essentials. Cue this set — it includes a pizza cutter, pastry brush, potato peeler, spoon spatula, slotted spoon and slotted turner. The potato peeler has improved the traditional design by adding a handy zester on the reverse of the blade. The peeler also has a double-edged, swivelling blade that will remove skins in record time, and a comfortable soft-touch handle, so you can always peel without strain. The slotted spoon has long holes, which allow water or oil to drain as you serve – ideal for serving fresh pasta straight onto plates or letting a little oil drain off a deep-fried dumpling. The slotted food turner features a wide, open surface perfect for lifting, turning and transferring fragile foods: from breakfast eggs and sweet crêpes to crisp cookies and succulent beef burgers. The flat raised edge lets you 'scoop' whatever you're cooking without it splitting or breaking up before it reaches the plate. This pizza wheel rolls right through thick or crispy crusts. Thanks to its fully rotating wheel and sharp edge, this pizza cutter seamlessly slices your favourite pizzas in record time, so you won't have to wait as long to tuck in and enjoy. And thanks to its comfy handle and blade guard, it's always gentle on your hands. This pastry brush clings onto liquid effectively, for smooth, low-mess spreading. And thanks to the durable, flexible silicone bristles, it won’t leave bristles behind as you brush. Best of all, though, is its clever angled head, which helps you get into every little crease of your pie crust, or reach round meat to keep it juicy and basted as it cooks. The spoon spatula is ideal for stirring, blending and folding your ingredients to make super smooth mixtures. Or you could use it to scoop up spoonfuls of batters, mixes and sauces. But the most magic lies in its flexible edge. Push it right against the sides of bowls and saucepans to scrape every last drop, so absolutely none goes to waste!


  • Colourworks Brights Set includes: 1 x Pizza Cutter; 1 x Angled Pastry Brush; 1 x Straight Peeler with Zester; 1x Spoon Spatula; 1 x Slotted Spoon; 1 x Slotted Food Turner - Pink
  • Made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone with comfortable rubber handles
  • Decorated in the signature Colourworks palette - this set is pink
  • All the essential tools for your kitchen