Colourworks Brights Set with Slotted Spoon, Pasta Serving Spoon / Measurer, Slotted Food Turner and "The Swip" - Navy


Worth: £28.96

About this product

The culinary whizz-kids over at Colourworks challenged themselves to transform and rejuvenate your kitchen essentials. Enter this set — it includes a slotted spoon, a pasta spoon, a serving spoon, a slotted turner and "The Swip". The slotted spoon has long holes, which allow water or oil to drain as you serve — ideal for serving fresh pasta straight onto plates or letting a little oil drain off a deep-fried dumpling. This pasta serving spoon allows for hassle and mess-free serving. And the clincher: the spoon’s built-in draining hole doubles as a spaghetti measure, so you’re always primed to prepare perfect portions. "The Swip" is a two-in-one spatula designed to draw your messy, mixture-covered whisks through its flexible fins. It will leave them spotless, scraping away any excess to leave less waste and less mess. It's great for all the tasks you'd use a regular spatula for too, such as folding cake batters, spreading buttercream, scraping saucepans and lots more. This slotted food turner features a wide, open surface that is perfect for lifting, turning and transferring fragile foods: from breakfast eggs and sweet crêpes to crisp cookies and succulent beef burgers. The flat raised edge lets you 'scoop' whatever you're cooking without it splitting or breaking up before it reaches the plate.


  • Colourworks Brights Set includes: 1 x Slotted Spoon; 1 x Pasta Serving Spoon / Measurer; 1 x Slotted Food Turner; 1 x The Swip" - Navy
  • Made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone with comfortable rubber handles
  • Decorated in the signature Colourworks palette - this set is navy blue
  • All the essential tools for your kitchen