Colourworks Set of 4 Melamine Dinner Plates


About this product

The Kitchen Craft Colourworks Set of Four Melamine Dinner Plates is fantastic for kids and outdoor use. Whether it's training kids to eat properly without the risk of breakages or enjoying family picnics in the park or garden. You see, unlike many other plastics, melamine is high quality and virtually unbreakable. These melamine dinner plates won’t shatter if dropped on the floor and they’re also scratch resistant. Each melamine plate is brightly finished in one of the four key shades from the Colourworks palette – pink, purple, blue and green. So, they’re guaranteed to brighten mealtimes, picnics or parties. Lightweight, they are perfect for kids to hold and carry whilst also great to pack in a picnic bag and carry around. Dishwasher safe. they are extremely easy to clean too. The Colourworks Set of Four Melamine Dinner Plates also come with a 12 month guarantee! Why not complete your melamine dinnerware set with the snack plates (Colourworks Set of Four Melamine Snack Plates), bowls (Colourworks Set of Four Melamine Bowls) and tumblers (Colourworks Set of Four Melamine Tumblers,) also available from the Kitchen Craft Colourworks range, today?


  • VERSATILE PLASTIC PLATES: they're great for picnics, eating outdoors, and for kids' dining and crafts
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE: they're made of virtually unbreakable, almost-shatter-proof melamine
  • FUN AND COLOURFUL: the plates come in a mix of four bright Colourworks shades
  • GENEROUS DIAMETER: they're a great size to use as buffet platters or dinner plates
  • USEFUL INFO: dishwasher safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Melamine
  • Size 27.800 x 27.900 x 3.100