Copco Double Layer White Lazy Susan Food Storage Solution


About this product

Do you ever find yourself running out of kitchen storage space, or wishing there was an easier way to reach the jars and packets at the back of your cupboard? This clever twin-shelf storage solution has the answer. Crafted by Copco’s kitchen storage experts, this round shelving unit is designed to sit on your worktop or inside your cupboard. The double-tiered design maximises storage space, while the sturdy rotating mechanism means you’ll always be able to reach what you need. Stack it up with tinned soups, jars of herbs and your favourite condiments, and enjoy twice the storage in the same amount of space. Need something that’s right at the back? Simply turn the shelf until the item is in easy reach. It’s simple, but very clever.


  • BOOST YOUR KITCHEN SPACE: organise cupboards or maximise worktop space with this two-tiered white turntable
  • ROTATING: enjoy easy access to those jars or packets at the back of the cupboard
  • KEEPS THINGS IN PLACE: the non-skid surface and raised rims stop food tins sliding around
  • GENEROUS SIZE: at 30cm wide, you can pack it with tins, condiments, spices and more
  • USEFUL INFO: made of robust plastic. Dishwasher safe. Includes a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour White
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 31.000 x 31.000 x 19.000