Creative Tops OTT Bee Yourself Laptray


About this product

It’s all too easy to follow the hive mind. Celebrate everything that makes you ‘you’, with this funky cushioned lap tray. It features a self-assured, solitary bee, spelling out a self-celebratory slogan. Super! Pop this cushioned number on your lap whenever you sit down for a laptop sesh, or it’s snack time, or you’re doing any activity that needs a comfy, stable table. The firm top and bean bag-style base keep your things secure and your knees comfy, so nothing can put you off your game.


  • THE BUZZ ON THE STREET… is that you're destined to fall for this cushioned tray
  • ESCAPE THE HIVE MIND: show your true stripes with its adorable design and uplifting slogan
  • CUSHIONED BASE: a robust wood-effect tray with a cushion base keeps things comfortable and stable
  • GREAT AS A LAPTOP LAP TRAY, a dinner tray, an ad-hoc crafting table...
  • OTT BY CREATIVE TOPS: discover fresh, funky accessories for modern kitchens with OTT


  • Colour Yellow
  • Material Wood
  • Size 32.512 x 43.510 x 6.502
  • SKU: C000449