Creative Tops OTT Pandicorn Large Tray

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About this product

Who said kitchen accessories had to be serious, dull or boring? With its 'unbearably' cute design, the Creative Tops OTT 'Pandicorn' Printed Tray is sure to raise a smile with its fresh and funky aesthetic. Its design introduces an adorable creature to the world: is it a panda, or is it a unicorn? It's a pandicorn! This big, smiling creature has a rainbow-coloured horn on its head, and sits against a backdrop of its favourite snack - bamboo leaves. But it's not just the design that makes this large tray perfect for modern homes. It's a practical piece of kitchen kit: this dinner tray's size makes it ideal for carrying plates of food, rounds of tea, or even for eating dinner while you relax on the sofa.


  • Material Melamine
  • Size 27.8 x 38.8 x 1.5
  • SKU: C000443