Creative Tops Sheep Family Pack Of 4 Large Premium Placemats

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About this product

Mealtimes will quickly become the most relaxing time of the day with these rectangular placemats at the table. Each large table mat in this set of four is decorated with Creative Tops' 'Sheep' design. Rich green paint strokes create a luscious field scene, with curious little sheep huddled together, looking out to see what's approaching. Most importantly, however, they'll keep your delicate tabletops protected from stains, scratches and heat marks. They're backed with a 5 mm (¼ inch) thick layer of heat-resistant cork. These placemats feature luxury, lacquered surfaces that are wonderfully smooth to touch. They're stain-resistant too, which makes them very easy to keep spotless.


  • Material Wood
  • Size 29.489 x 40.488 x 2.007
  • SKU: C000284