Home Made Set of 3 Pasty Moulds

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About this product

All across the globe, you’ll find the same food formula: a simple dough or pastry, stuffed with delicious fillings. The Brits have hearty cornish pasties. The Italians have delicious pasta parcels like ravioli. The Chinese have meaty dumplings, cooked to countless different recipes. It’s the ultimate comfort dish, and there are thousands of delicious variations to discover. So start your culinary journey in earnest, with KitchenCraft Home Made’s multi-purpose pastry cutter / crimper moulds. These hinged moulds make it easy to shape your dough into perfect, semi-circular parcels, stuffed with the mouth-watering filling of your choice. Best of all, there are three sizes in the set, so you can use them for all sorts, from English pasties, to Indian samosas, to American-style apple turnovers – and much more besides.


  • FILLED HOMEMADE TREATS: make your own pasties, dumplings and more with these pastry cutters
  • EASY TO USE: simply add rolled pastry and a filling, then fold to seal
  • THREE SIZES INCLUDED: try all sorts of recipes, from ravioli to samosas to fruit turnovers
  • PERFECT PRESENTATION: the pastry moulds automatically leave your creations with nice crimped edges
  • USEFUL INFO: made of robust, dishwasher-safe plastic. Comes boxed with three recipes. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour White
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 19 x 12.5 x 14