Home Made Terracotta Roasting Pot with Lid


About this product

Roast joints of meat and whole birds without losing any of that mouth-watering moisture. With its lidded design, the KitchenCraft Home Made terracotta roasting pan prevents all those precious flavour-packed juices from escaping as your meat roasts - for tender, more succulent, great-tasting results. Based on a traditional, tried-and-tested design, this terracotta roasting pot also lets your roast cook in its own juices, so you don't have to add lots of oil or fat before roasting. And you can enjoy all that delicious flavour, just with less of the calories, so it's a healthier way to cook your Sunday lunch. This terracotta roasting pan's ideal for roasting a whole large chicken or small turkey, a topside beef joint, or a pork loin. In fact, it's big enough for the veggies too: carrots, parsnip and, of course, crisp golden potatoes, all roasted to perfection and brimming with amazing flavour. [Useful Information:] Measures 35 x 27 x 16.5 cm (14 x 11 x 6½ inches) Oven safe to 220°C (428°F) (always use gloves when handling) Includes a recipe for 'Roast Chicken with Rosemary' Hand-wash only [MOD 3]Key Features Cooking versatility This ceramic roasting pot is fantastic for Sunday roasts, Christmas dinners, and so on. However, its size also makes it a great choice for cooking homemade lasagnes, casseroles and cottage pies in the oven. Less oil needed You don't have to glug in excessive amounts of oil into this terracotta roasting pan. Its glazed base and lidded design lock in the moisture. This means your meat and poultry can cook in their own juices, without drying out and without needing more fat or oil. Oven to table Its classic look gives it heaps of charm - rustic orange terracotta embossed with a leafy motif. Pop it on a trivet and make it the centrepiece at your dinner table. It's perfect for serving roast dinners for the whole family. [MOD 4] About KitchenCraft Home Made From growing your own, to picking your own, to making your own! Home Made presents a broad selection of preserving and home cooking items that have stood the test of time, bestowing some of the secret tools many generations could not live without.


  • SUCCULENT RESULTS: this terracotta roasting pot cooks up tender roast meat, poultry and vegetables
  • MOISTURE-PRESERVING LID: meat roasts in its own juices, for healthier results and greater flavour
  • VERSATILE: it can accomodate a large chicken or small turkey, and is ideal for casseroles
  • TRADITIONAL LOOKS: serve from oven to table with its rustic orange glow and leaf embossments
  • USEFUL INFO: gift boxed, with a recipe for roast chicken with rosemary. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Orange
  • Material Terracotta
  • Size 27.000 x 37.000 x 16.500