Home Made Tilt or Tall Large Glass Storage Jar

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About this product

Jars are great for storing away kitchen essentials: from tea bags to cereals, wholemeal flour to pulses. But getting to your ingredients can be quite a challenge - especially when they're perched on a high shelf. With its 'tilt or tall' design, this kitchen storage jar from KitchenCraft Home Made makes it easy to access these essentials in a snap. The 'Tilt or Tall' food storage canister features two bases - one that allows you to have it stood upright, and one that let you tilt it at angle. The latter is great when you store it in a cupboard or a shelf, making it easy to unscrew the lid and grab what you need without having to pick the jar up. It's topped with an airtight lid too. So, you can rest assured, once you've tightened the lid, this food storage jar will keep moisture at bay and your dry goodies and ingredients fresh for longer.


  • Material Glass
  • Size 15.000 x 10.400 x 15.400