KitchenCraft 2-in-1 Dish Brush

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About this product

Whatever’s in your kitchen sink is no match for this super scrubbing brush. Why clutter up your sink space with two washing up brushes, when you could use one and still get the dishes just as clean? KitchenCraft’s two-in-one dish brush crams two brush heads into one super-useful product, for easy, convenient cleaning. The larger brush head has highly durable bristles, which are great for cleaning dishes and plates, or giving greasy baking trays a good scrub. The smaller head? Its compacted bristles are great for precision tasks, like cleaning those hard-to-reach areas on jar lids or flask heads, or giving the kitchen sink hole a good clean.


  • THE ULTIMATE GRIME-FIGHTING DUO: this two-in-one dish brush gives dishes the clean of a lifetime
  • REACH EVERY SPOT: the big brush scrubs thoroughly. The small brush gets into awkward spaces
  • ROBUST CLEANING POWER: the nylon bristles are great for heavy-duty scrubbing on a daily basis
  • COMFORTABLE: the handle has comfortable curves, and is non-slip so you can apply serious pressure
  • USEFUL INFO measures 30cm (12") long. Easy to clean and odour resistant. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 5.500 x 5.000 x 30.000