KitchenCraft Antibacterial Cleaning Scrubbing Brush


About this product

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your scrubbing brushes are probably crawling with unwanted nasties. Traditional bristles might scrub effectively, but as they age and fray, they can hang on to dirt and grow some not-so-friendly families of bacteria. It’s time to bring your cleaning tools into the modern age. With its clever silicone bristles, this scrubbing brush promises excellent cleaning performance, with all the bacteria-fighting properties that silicone provides. Use it just as you would your old-fashioned scrubbing brush. It’s great for washing up, as the bristles are tough on dirt but gentle on delicate glassware and non-stick cookware. Or you could use it to scrub vegetables clean, or to get your bath or shower sparkling again. The flipside of the brush has a robust silicone scouring pad, which is ideal for tackling tougher stains. Neat!


  • FLEXIBLE SILICONE BRISTLES: they're tough on dirt, yet are gentle on non-stick surfaces and glassware
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: the bristles are odour resistant, won't shed, and are less likely to harbour bacteria
  • TWO-IN-ONE DESIGN: use the brush for scrubbing, then flip to the scourer for tougher stains
  • STURDY AND COMFORTABLE: it's made of robust, BPA-free plastic, with an easy-to-grip curved design
  • USEFUL INFO: this scrubbing brush is dishwasher safe and comes with KitchenCraft's 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Grey
  • Material Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Size 7.5 x 17 x 3.5