KitchenCraft Chrome Plated Potato Ricer


About this product

How can you enjoy super-smooth, restaurant-quality mashed potatoes every day? You could pay a top chef to cook your dinner seven days a week, or you could simply equip yourself with this chrome-plated potato ricer from KitchenCraft. It’s the gourmet chef’s secret weapon for making melt-in-the-mouth mash, super-smooth purées and sumptuous sauces. All it takes is one quick squeeze to mash any fruit or cooked root vegetable. And with its interchangeable ricing blades, it’s easy to choose the right consistency (from ‘lump free’ to ‘smooth as silk’). The ricer boasts a metal body, plated in chrome for a stylish and sophisticated look. It’s your shortcut to making delicious, gourmet-style meals, and offers great value for money (after all, it’s much cheaper than paying for your own personal chef!).


  • ONE TOOL, THREE JOBS: it's a super-fast, easy-to-use potato masher, purée maker and juicer!
  • SO SIMPLE: add ingredients and squeeze the handle to make extra-smooth mash or fruit sauces
  • INCLUDES TWO RICING DISCS: medium disc for lump-free mash. Fine disc for smooth purées
  • HOMEMADE BABY FOOD: use it to make your own nutrient-packed version and save money
  • USEFUL INFO: made of metal, plated with chrome for a stylish look. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Chrome-Plated Metal
  • Size 32.000 x 12.000 x 12.000