KitchenCraft Floral Face Planter

£8.99 £3.75

About this product

Plants make people happy, that’s a fact. Boost the feel-good factor in your kitchen, hallway, living room or office desk with your favourite bit of greenery, planted in one of these lovely, funny plant pots. Spruce up your space with lucky bamboo, fragrant peppermint, or a cute little cactus. You name it, it will look great in this cute little pot! Its pretty face sits on a pale green background with a white-detail floral base and a terracotta rim, waiting to be given some funky plant hair or a pretty floral headdress. It’s a really cool, funky look, ready to be incorporated into any décor.


  • Colour Green,White
  • Material Ceramic
  • Size 10.2 x 10.2 x 11.1