Natural Elements Plastic-Free Coconut Husk Scrubber Brush with Wooden Handle


About this product

Maintain a clean, happy, and eco-savvy home with this coconut floor scrubber from KitchenCraft Natural Elements. Designed for heavy-duty home cleaning, it swaps synthetic plastics for a natural beechwood handle and robust coconut fibre bristles. Coconut fibre is a real wonder material - it remains firm even when wet and retains water effectively. It’s just the thing when you want to give floors, tiles, or furniture a thorough clean, naturally. Coconut fibre is antibacterial too, so you can rely on this cleaning brush to keep things clean and hygienic. The KitchenCraft Natural Elements floor scrubbing brush is designed to last, to minimise the need for replacement. Explore the Natural Elements collection to discover more eco friendly cleaning products, created for a green home and healthy planet.


  • ECO-SAVVY CLEANING: these coconut cleaning brushes are naturally antibacterial and 100% plastic and chemical free
  • COCONUT SCRUBBER: use this robust natural scrubbing brush to deep clean floors, furniture and more
  • COCONUT FIBRE BRISTLES: they remain firm when wet to clean surfaces thoroughly and effectively
  • WOODEN HANDLE: the smooth, comfort-shaped handle is made of hardy natural beechwood
  • USEFUL INFO: includes one scrub brush. Comes with a 12 month guarantee


  • Size 15 x 5.5 x 6.3