Natural Elements Eco-Friendly Dustpan and Brush, Robust Beechwood and 100% Recycled Plastic


About this product

KitchenCraft Natural Elements is all about discovering inventive new ways to maintain a green home and healthy planet. Here’s one of the results - an eco-savvy plastic / wooden dustpan and brush, which is just as effective as its non-eco counterparts. The dustpan is formed from 100% recycled plastics, while the cleaning brush is made of beech, a very hard and abrasion-resistant wood. It also features sisal bristles, which are stiff yet gentle for effective sweeping. This natural, eco friendly dustpan and brush slots together for easy storage, and can be hung up by its rope loop. Explore the KitchenCraft Natural Elements collection to discover a wide range of eco cleaning products, as well as storage canisters, cutlery and more.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING: this brush and dustpan are made of strong beechwood and recycled plastic
  • NATURAL BRISTLES: made of sisal, one of nature’s strongest fibres, they're firm and effective
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE: the wide pan and comfortable brush handle make for easy sweeping
  • SIMPLE STORAGE: the pieces slot together for storage, and a rope hanging loop is included
  • KITCHENCRAFT NATURAL ELEMENTS: explore to discover more innovative products for eco living. Twelve month guarantee


  • Size 32 x 22 x 8