KitchenCraft Non-Stick 43cm x 61cm Pastry Mat


About this product

Love to make pastry? Pizza dough? Chocolate decorations? You need this multi-purpose baking mat in your kitchen! This non-stick pastry mat is made of sturdy plastic, marked with straight and circular measurements in inches and centimetres. This ensures perfect sizes every time, whether you’re rolling out shop-bought pastry for a hearty family-sized apple pie, or going all out and making your own filo pastry for tasty wild mushroom purses or some sweet, nutty baklava. Got an uneven or ridged work top? No problem! This thick mat acts as a barrier between your food and work surface, meaning you won’t damage your surface or end up with odd, patterned pies. It also won’t roll up while you’re rolling out dough – unlike some silicone mats.


  • ROLL OUT THE RIGHT SIZE: this pastry mat is perfect for pastry, dough and fondant
  • CIRCULAR MEASURES: they're displayed in inches/centimetres, so you can work with minimal fuss
  • WORK DIRECTLY ON THE MAT: its thick design protects surfaces and stop pattern imprints
  • EASY-CLEAN NON-STICK SURFACE: this BPA-free plastic mat doesn't absorb flavours either
  • USEFUL INFO: heat resistant from -40 to 240°C. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 45.6 x 61.6 x 0.1