KitchenCraft Oval Handled Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server


About this product

We all love pasta. But we don’t love big clumps of stuck-together spaghetti or waterlogged linguine. And we’re bugged by how tricky it is to serve too. If only there was one utensil that tackled all of these problems… Say hello to KitchenCraft Professional’s Stainless Steel Spaghetti Spoon. This simple, study tool is like a spoon with teeth. Stir your pasta, and its stiff prongs help to separate the pieces to prevent clumping. And when it’s cooked? Simply scoop a serving, and the prongs will hold any spaghetti strands while water drains back into the pan. It’s ideal for long pasta like spaghetti and tagliatelle, but can be used to serve short varieties like penne and fusilli too. And because it’s a KitchenCraft Professional tool, you can rely on it to get the job done and to last and last. It’s made of robust stainless steel, with a shiny finish that looks great in any kitchen.


  • SIMPLE SERVING: strain long or short pasta with this pasta spoon. No sogginess. No spills
  • STIFF PRONGS grab heaps of spaghetti, while its hole drains water back into the pan
  • LONG HANDLE lets you reach right down to the bottom of the deepest saucepans
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: it's made of high-quality stainless steel, which looks great and cleans easily
  • USEFUL INFO: dishwasher safe, and comes with a 25 year guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 32.2 x 6.8 x 3.8