KitchenCraft Round Plastic Lemon / Citrus Fruit Squeezer


About this product

Want to get every last drop of juice from your oranges and lemons? Don’t fancy investing in a bulky electric gizmo, or a piece of alien sculpture? KitchenCraft has created this sturdy little juicer to do one job: sit in your kitchen and juice fruit. No gimmicks, no fuss! It might be made of plastic, but this citrus juicer is surprisingly strong. Especially the reamer – it’s a real brute, with hardy ridges that smash through lemons, limes and oranges until there’s no juice left. The delicious stuff drips down into the bowl below, while the strainer collects pulp and pips. So save the unwieldy electric juicer for when you want to down a whole glass of vit C. This compact plastic model is quick and simple, so it’s ideal for baking and cooking. Use it to flavour cakes, add a splash of lime to a Thai curry, or drizzle some lemon juice on your pancakes!


  • A CLASSIC: this great-value citrus squeezer uses a tried-and-tested design that suits all citrus fruits
  • SQUEEZE AND STRAIN: the reamer extracts lots of juice, while its built-in strainer catches pips
  • SAVE SOME FOR LATER: it comes with a detachable plastic bowl for non-slip, mess-free juicing
  • BUILT-IN POURING SPOUT: its ideal for adding tangy flavour to bakes and drinks (and pancakes!)
  • USEFUL INFO: this lemon juicer is dishwasher safe and food safe. Twelve month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Plastic
  • Size 14.500 x 13.900 x 7.500