KitchenCraft Traditional 27cm Square Toasting Rack


About this product

A lazy Sunday morning, a cup of tea, and a plateful of hot toast slathered in butter. Does life get any better than that? KitchenCraft’s Stovetop Range Cooker Toaster is all you need to enjoy this breakfast treat the traditional way – crisped on the boiling plate of a range cooker. Because, as anyone who’s tried it will tell you, proper toast tastes -so- much more delicious. This stainless steel toasting grid is so easy to use. Just place your bread between the grid, clip it shut using the locking rings, and place on your range cooker’s solid hob. Turn halfway through cooking and – voila! – delicious old-fashioned toast. Enjoy it while it’s hot! The rack can be used with all types of home-made and shop-bought bread, and it’s great for toasting crumpets, teacakes, muffins and bagels too. You can even use it as a cake cooling rack!


  • PROPER STOVETOP TOAST: make delicious toast directly on your AGA™/range cooker's boiling plate
  • VERSATILE: it's great for toasting crumpets, teacakes, bagels and lots more
  • EASY TO USE: place bread between the plates, lock it, and toast on the stove
  • TOAST UP TO FOUR LARGE SLICES: it does the job of a bulky electric toaster
  • USEFUL INFO: this stovetop toaster includes a 12 month guarantee


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Size 47.800 x 28.000 x 1.700