5pc Oriental Cooking Set with Carbon Steel Wok 30cm, Large Bamboo Steamer; Sushi Maker; Bamboo Skimmer and Strainer


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Whether you have a life-long love for Asian cuisine or are starting to experiment with different recipes, this 30 cm wok, steamer, sushi maker, skimmer, and strainer set from KitchenCraft's World Of Flavours collection is a real kitchen must-have. Made from carbon steel, the wok can get very hot and its flat bottom helps the high temperatures to distribute quickly and evenly. They have high sides which means that you can mix the ingredients without worrying that the food will escape over the side. These robust bamboo steamers are all you need to explore this rewarding culinary landscape in your kitchen. The two-tier steamers gently cook food to retain the nutrients and flavours and the bamboo absorbs the steam to prevent sogginess. Simply fill the tiers then place them in a wok over simmering water - it's the authentic way to cook east-Asian dishes like dim sum, steamed salmon, and sticky rice! The sushi-making kit consists of a moulding tray and a push bar. The tray is for lining with nori (seaweed paper) and packing with rice, veg, and fresh fish. The push bar simply allows you to compact it all really tightly before setting in the fridge. When it is set, you can present your sushi like a pro. This sushi-making set features cutting notches, which make it easy to cut your sushi into evenly-sized rolls for serving. Yum! The 'spider' skimmer combines the traditional design with high-quality stainless steel to accompany you on your culinary adventures. The long bamboo handle makes it perfect for scooping and straining from hot oil and water. Great for lifting golden wontons, straining crispy chilli beef, or skimming fat from a crab and sweetcorn soup. This stainless steel Japanese noodle strainer reduces the risk of being splashed by hot oil and boiling water as you scoop portions for serving. With its long handle, it reaches right to the bottom of deep fat fryers, stockpots, and saucepans. The fine mesh basket holds ample amounts too: it's perfect for blanching ramen noodles, deep frying crisp tempura, boiling little gyōza dumplings, and more. This noodle strainer features a built-in rest, so you can leave your food to blanch, boil or fry - without having to stand over it.


  • KitchenCraft World Of Flavours Oriental Set includes: 1 x Plain Carbon Steel 30 cm; 1 x Bamboo Chopsticks; 1 x Bamboo Large Two Tier Steamer; 1 x Sushi Maker; 1 x Bamboo Skimmer; 1 x Strainer
  • The wok is made of carbon steel, great for getting those smoky flavours
  • Stainless steel mesh basket
  • The skimmer has long wooden handle reduce risk of touching hot oil
  • The sushi maker is easy to use, just add nori and fillings, press into shape and slice into pieces


  • Colour Assorted
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • SKU: WFBUD42