4pc Tea Set with Red 2L Whistling Kettle, Stainless Steel Tea Bag Bin, Tea Bag Tongs and Long-Handled Tea Strainer


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About this product

Make a delicious cuppa every time with this La Cafetière red whistling kettle, teabag bin, tongs and long-handled strainer. The kettle makes it easy for you to enjoy those most treasured tea making traditions in the modern kitchen. Boil your water on any kind of stovetop, including induction, and it'll sound out a loud, satisfying whistle to let you know it's teatime. You can use it with any kind of stovetop: induction, gas or electric. The small tea bag bin from La Cafetière provides more than enough space for your used tea bags, coffee capsules and more. Once the bin is full, you can easily empty it out into a larger dustbin, bin bag or even a compost heap. The stainless steel tea bag tongs offer a safer and easier alternative to scooping tea bags out with a teaspoon. With a perforated clasp, these tongs allow any squeezed tea to drip back into your mug. So, none of that amazing flavour goes to waste. The long-handled tea strainer makes brewing it a fuss-free task with a smooth result at the end. This sieve-like strainer simply sits on the top of your mug or teapot (with lid removed). When you pour over your boiling water, its extra-fine mesh catches those loose leaves - to prevent them from reaching your pot or cup. So, you can enjoy those amazing flavours, completely free of the 'bits'.


  • Set includes: 1 x Red Whistling Kettle; 1 x Stainless Steel Tea Bag Bin; 1 x Tea Bag Tongs; and 1 x Long Handled Tea Strainer
  • The kettle, with a capacity of 2 L (3.5 pints), is made of high-quality, easy-to-clean stainless steel with a vitreous enamel coating
  • The tea bag bin is made of high-quality, easy-to-clean stainless steel and features a brushed finish
  • The tongs have easy-grip textured handles to ensure a firm hold every time
  • The strainer is made of robust and rust-resistant stainless steel and is ideal for everyday use


  • Colour Red