La Cafetière Edited Tea Strainer Gold

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About this product

Making a cup of freshly brewed loose leaf tea is almost an art form, and that’s why the tea and coffee connoisseurs at La Cafetière’s have designed this handy loose leaf tea strainer. Part of the stunning ‘Edited’ range, the gold-coloured strainer will sit neatly and securely over the top your cup, so you can pour tea from the pot to your mug without risking leaves escaping in to your brew.


  • Love to brew loose leaf tea? This gold-coloured strainer, from La Cafetière’s 'Edited' range, is ideal for creating an ideal cuppa Pour loose leaf tea from the pot to your mug and the pan shaped strainer will stop any leaves that escape, so they don't spoil your tea
  • If you want to rest the strainer on the rim, a small hook will hold it in place over the mug, while the handle will help it to balance
  • The black handle is soft-touch and embossed with the La Cafetière logo. A drip bowl is also included, so your surfaces stay tea-free
  • The stainless steel strainer measures 10 x 4½ x 3 cm (4 Inch x 1¾ Inch x 1¼ Inch). Designed by tea experts, La Cafetière, for Creative Tops


  • Size 14.000 x 7.500 x 3.500
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