5pc Coffee Making Set with Roma 12-Cup Stainless Steel Cafetière and Four Espresso Cups


Worth: £53.48

About this product

Make delicious, rich and smooth coffee with the La Cafetière Roma 12 Cup Cafetière and Glass Espresso Cups set. La Cafetière's Roma cafetière boasts a simple design that exudes style without trying too hard. Its combination of sleek stainless steel and clear borosilicate glass gives it a timeless look - just like the Eternal City it draws its name. This extra-large cafetière produces coffee that's deliciously rich but silky smooth. Its secret? It's all in the filter! With its fine mesh design, it holds back all the grit of your grounds for that smoothness. But it also allows those bold flavours (which are so important) through. The glasses in this set of four insulated espresso cups are made from high-quality and shock-resistant borosilicate glass. These cups feature an innovative heat-trapping, double-walled design. Plus, the curved design means you can comfortably cup them in your palms and borosilicate glass always remains cool to the touch, so you'll never be in any rush to finish that full-bodied espresso.


  • Set includes: 1 x La Cafetière Roma 12 Cup Cafetière; 4 x Glass Espresso Cups
  • Cafetière capacity: 1.5 L (2.5 pints, 50 fl oz) / 12 cups (based on a cup size of 125 ml)
  • The cafetière features an ergonomic plunger knob debossed with the La Cafetière stamp
  • Cups capacity: 113 ml (3.8 fl oz)


  • Colour Silver